Welcome to the Home buyer gumbo pot of goodness!

You have entered the kitchen of the Master Chef.   May the preparation of fresh ingredients prepared with love provide you with a sense of taste that will make you a proud home owner.

The Master Chef has prepared a bowl of the finest flavours that include tips and techniques to:

1) Meet the right people at the right time to leverage your purchasing and negotiating powers.

2) Understand a place, a people and a culture to best help you understand how your sense of place will come together with your feelings about space and how you will live within those spaces.

3) No two people ever season, stir, prepare or cook the same gumbo exactly the same way ever.  With that thought let's take an introspective view of a systematic approach to real estate...incorporating your thought processes with the marketplace at hand.  We focus on you...the end user to make the best decision..not outside influences, people or prices.  The latter mean nothing to you.  The only thing that really matters is how the world and the spaces in that world match your needs, your criteria and your taste.  At the end of the day, it is the tastes that matters.

Let's start cooking!

57 steps 

There are 57 distinct steps in the process to buy a home.

Let's get started!

These steps include three primary areas:

1) Understanding what your needs and desires are

2) Understanding how you can best invest your money.

3) Knowledge of the marketplace and how closely this marketplace matches your needs.

4) Knowing what to look for in a home.

5) Being able to negotiate from a position of strength.

6) Avoiding the pitfalls and drama often associated with buying a home.

Home buyer secrets revealed!

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